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Playing Art

Published December 27th, 2013

''Arbolé Arbolé''

The wooden toy has stopped, he refused the noisy and fragile fashion of modern plastic toys, acknowledged that its essence resided in the wood, that the most natural of materials was enough to amuse and entertain the playful side of every person, just like the girl of the homonymous poem by Federico Garcia Lorca.

Automatons, puppets, model trains and more, are made and custom painted every day by the hands of Alicia and her family, who for decades amuse generations.

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Il giocattolo di legno si è fermato, ha rifiutato la rumorosa e fragile moda dei moderni giochi in plastica, ha riconosciuto che nel legno risiedesse la sua sostanza, che gli bastasse il più naturale dei materiali per divertire e intrattenere il lato ludico di ogni persona, proprio come la ragazzina dell'omonima poesia di Federico Garcia Lorca.

Automi, marionette, trenini ...

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Anonymous NO-TAV

Published October 27th, 2012

In October 2012 the hacktivist group Anonymous leaked through its blog more than 1 GB of confidential documents taken from the italian police digital archives

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Wake Up, "dumse n'andi"

Published September 21st, 2012

Native Turinese are best known for their static and passive approach to life, thats why it's common saying "bogia nen" (turinese dialect for "don't move") referring to them

The decision to launch the construction of a new high velocity and capacity railway between Turin and Lyon (TAV), shook up the population, and now the old "bogia nen" have become italian symbols of protest and civil resistance

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Rescue Rally

Published September 6th, 2012

Voluntary work is one of the backbone of the italian national health care service, almost two millions of people are volunteering in social assistance and healthcare area

In medical emergency the volunteer is trained almost like a paramedic, making him able to intervent in many scenario with his tools and knowledge (Basic Life Support + Defibrillator, oxygen, immobilization tools, psychological support) eventually asking for medical staff if needed

Rescue Rally is a challenge to establish the most valuable rescue team, each one from different volunteer associations.

The race is set up like a rally, with time control, transport stages and special stages, of course, instead of car racing there is a simulation of a plausible rescue scenario, for a total of ten stages spread out on the whole town area

The key is to improve technical skills in emergency situations through competition and simulation, useful when you have to deal with that kind of events in real life

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World Kendo Championship

Published August 19th, 2012

Kendo brings the concept of sport competition to a higher level mixing martial arts with strenuous physical activity and oriental philosophy.

It's not all about physical training, you mold body and mind cultivating a vigorous spirit through the application of the principles of Katana.

Just hitting specific target areas of the rival it is not enough to defeat him, you have to do it by making perfect moves, shouting out loud your fighting spirit and stamping barefoot on the Dojo.

Kendo teaches you the "way of the sword" giving more importance to the way you reach the goal than the goal itself

On may 2012 I had the honor to follow the -XV- World Kendo Championship through my camera, it was an amazing experience which opened my mind to another way to conceive victory and defeat, both useful to a endless cultivation of oneself

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