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Antonio Diaz

Antonio Diaz



When I enter in a page of photography is not my intention to find friends, or be sympathetic, or establish a relationship of favors or retaliation by scores or comments. I intend to find an image that touches me, that it reaches the trigger in me feelings. If you like some of my pictures, I do not need the votes, or a nice comment, only you stand to experience the author's intention. I do not mind voting misconduct. Do not expect my comments probably will have seen your photos and if they are good I will have enjoyed. I have never voted a photograph on this page, so fear not, if you want to criticize what you do not like. I do not want to compete against you, I just want to spend some time looking good images.
Debora M

Debora M

Photos 20
Likes 98
Favorites 41
Comments 51
Paco  Herrero

Paco Herrero

Photos 29
Likes 1090
Favorites 546
Comments 381
David Méndez

David Méndez

Photos 18
Likes 7
Favorites 6
Comments 0
Juanlu Fajardo

Juanlu Fajardo

Photos 107
Likes 152
Favorites 51
Comments 71
Daniele Di Egidio

D. Di Egidio

Photos 169
Likes 1629
Favorites 721
Comments 990
Mirko De Maio

Mirko De Maio

Photos 123
Likes 4504
Favorites 2274
Comments 1885
Arison Jardim

Arison Jardim

Photos 9
Likes 7
Favorites 2
Comments 3
Sean van Tonder

Sean van Tonder

Photos 40
Likes 526
Favorites 251
Comments 195
Jose Laíño

Jose Laíño

Photos 37
Likes 345
Favorites 164
Comments 163
Ludo Orioli

Ludo Orioli

Photos 47
Likes 458
Favorites 227
Comments 93