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Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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I have recently finished my first year in BTEC Art and Design, during which I have focused on photography, including leading self-development work in my own time. This has helped to develop my skillset and understanding of practical issues in photography. This self-directed study has also encouraged my exploration into a wide range of photographic styles and environments, allowing me to gain confidence both in the outside world and in a studio space. During the projects set at college I have also explored light set ups for studio work, as well as successfully planning and utilising the lighting plan for a shoot investigating the links between emotions we show and emotions we hide. This was helped by research I had done in this area to assist me with planning the shoot, allowing me to make an efficient use of time in the studio. This project also required me to liaise and arrange for a model during a time that would be suitable for them, as well as when the studio would be free, and ensure their clothing was appropriate for what was required. Ideally I am looking for a place where I can grow and progress within a photography studio.
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