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Caleb Davis

Caleb Davis



I am always looking for opportunities to meet with new clients, and also provide them with photos stamped with moments that they will never forget. If you would like to meet up with me or you have any questions, feel free to email me at d40photographer{at}gmail.com. I currently reside in Foley AL, which is about 10 minutes from Gulf Shores. I am willing to travel if the client requests it. If you have any questions about hiring me for a wedding/event (birthday, concerts etc), I charge $200 for the session fee which is one hour. Anything over that, is an additional $50 per hour. I do professional editing of the pictures. The price for the session, includes the session, the editing of the pictures and a CD with all of the pictures that I take during the session. The CD that you receive, you may use the pictures on it for what ever you please. If you wish to have prints made, then you will just need to pay for the price of the print's that you want.
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