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Cath Schneider

Cath Schneider

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"A self-taught amateur photographer, Cath Schneider grew up in Africa. From the desert and dense forests of west Africa, the photographer has retained a profond attachment to wide-open natural spaces, to the animal world, and to the importance of origins. Sensitive to the intensity of gazes and to the emotion that an attitude or detail can generate, Cath Schneider has a special affection for portraiture, be it animal or human, and for images that embody childhood. Cath started out her photographic childhood in silver halide black & white, then naturally entered adolescence armed with her father’s Canon AE1, which accompanied her for nearly 15 years. In 2008, she acquired a digital camera and discovered macrophotography. Her curiosity about this new world led her to create a natural space in her own yard that would be an attractive habitat for certain insects. “The vegetation during the course of the seasons provides a constantly changing photographic décor as well as a protected space in which an insect can freely roam, and where changes and behaviors can be observed.” She views macrophotography as a peaceful means of hunting and a resolutely harmless way of revealing scenes that are almost invisible to the naked eye..." ( The DxO Image Masters program )
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