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the food trials..

Published August 7th, 2011

This is my first photo blog...

To be honest I had no idea what I could blog about but then it came to me, while having problems deciding on how I could mix duck fillets with a bag of salad. Cooking duck is something very new to me and we (my boyfriend and I) wondered how long, on a pan or oven, can we eat it pink in the middle or does it have to be cooked through like chicken. Well In Iceland we don't cook to much duck, besides the odd christmas or holidays with some families, so I felt quite embarrassed to be so clueless. We started to reminisce how we had seen it in restaurants and of course google was used to gather some info.

After some looking we coulnd't find anything that seemed to fit your duck was mostly oriental styles. So I took maters into my own hands and hope for the best!

made this: -simple!

Prepared my normal olive oil and balsamic salad dressing and cut some cherry tomatoes, then I thought some caramelized charlotte onions would be good, but used greek h ...

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