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Cj Kale

Cj Kale



I am a fine art and stock photographer from Kona Hawaii. I teach private workshops. And I spend my days living on the edge of life. Photographing the Kilauea Volcano, huge Hawaiian surf, sharks, and many other extreme and beautiful locations around the world. All my photography is done in a single frame using grads and lighting to balance the shot, not with multiple frames combined into HDR images. When shooting digital I limit my post processing to the conversion of a single raw file to a jpeg or tiff. Only doing exactly what I could do with film. These are my own limitations that I put on myself to make it a photographic challenge. I come from a long film background and I am most fulfilled when I can capture and amazing image right in my camera with the use of photographic skills and tools, not create it in photoshop at a later time. I have not taken to the graphic arts side of it yet as I just feel if your that good at graphic arts you hardly even need to take a photograph. Congratulations to those who have developed the skills to do graphic arts so well because it is another very challenging skill set it's just not mine. I am co owner of Lava Light Galleries in Kailua Kona Hawaii.
Karl Murphy

Karl Murphy

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Hatoripingjung Khong

H. Khong

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A. Angelescu

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Jade Lavreys

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David Chiang

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Josiah Tam

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B. Do Marão

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B. Charles

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Tom Walker

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Scott Walls

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