My trusty steed for the adventure

Himalayan Moto Adventure

Published August 25th, 2012

As with all motorbike adventure trips, the excitement starts long before the actual trip. The planning that goes into packing for such trips would put some military operations to shame. (Especially for me when it comes to my camera equipment!) But the bags were packed in good time, and within the airlineā€™s weight restrictions! (No easy task when motorcycle equipment and camera equipment are involved in the same luggage!) All I had to do now was wait for the departure day! (Told you the excitement started early!)

The last few days passed quickly and departure day was here soon enough. Personnel travelling from Abu Dhabi made it to Dubai in good time and we were on our way to Delhi. The plan being we would have a few days in Delhi before meeting up with the rest of the guys and heading North to pick up our motorbikes for the adventure.

The few days spent in Delhi were not wasted. A fascinating cultural experience to say the least! What an amazing city. Such a busy place, with an array ...

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