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G,day, I'm a shift worker in a Psych ward and love all GOOD photography. ( PLEASE DO NOT PIN MY IMAGES. It is a term of use of Pinterest that images belonging to 3rd parties (like myself) can only be pinned with the express consent of the copyright owner (ie me). I have not and will not give that consent to anyone. I would love to be a full time photographer, maybe one day ;) (or a ball boy at the ladies beach volly bal haha) I'm self taught and endeavour to be better each time I take my camera out and get annoyed if I stuff up ;) I'm harder on myself than any CC but I wont give any CC on here unless asked! I dont like crooked horizons and spots in photo's but love to see "different" images and love "moody" shots! I place a frame around most of my works on here to "try" and stop theft but I'm aware some people dont like them so if you want to buy any prints or images on a cd or what ever pls dont hesitate to contact me here>> scully450@gmail.com Thanks for taking the time to read and checking out my work! Dale
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