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De 'Andre Scott

De 'Andre Scott

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Born February 7th 1981, De’ Andre Scott is Tokyo based photographer who is originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I have been studying photography for the past five years; in the beginning I had no intentions on becoming this deeply involved with photography. After serving eight years in the United States Navy I moved back to Japan with my wife and two children. What got me started with photography were my children. Shortly after I returned to Japan it was time for my son to start attending school and I wanted to be able to document those moments. So, I spoke with a friend of mind and was supplied with the information I needed to help me with my future purchase. After purchasing the camera I came to realize that this simple tool was much more than just a devices used to record images. I began to experiment with all types of photography such as, street photography, infrared photography, and macro photography, along with other genres. Primarily I focus on street photography because I am intrigued with people and this style of photography helps me to better understand the world in that I live in. I completed my B.A. in Political Science at Temple University and also received a minor degree in Art with a specific focus on photography. Since becoming more involved with photography I have been committed to developing my own personal projects to help me further understand the Art of Photography. My studies of Political Science have lead me to become more aware of the political scene here in Japan. I use my camera to documents events because as a photographer I feel it is my duty to record and preserve events that take place around me.
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