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2012 - things to come unless the Mayans get the...

Published January 2nd, 2012

So, lately my mind has been spinning. Working on my craft is really quite an obsession. I don't make money with any regularity with my work. I want to and need to but so far, things haven't "taken." 2012 is hopefully my year. I'll either get this thing going or I'll die trying. I just wanted to update whoever may be reading this on my plans.

My first post here on this blog was all about projects. I've decided on a couple of those. For the time being, I'm going to let the fishing project go. That's not to say I won't photograph it, rather I'll just not be per suing it as a specific project. It's a subject that has been covered over and over. So, until, I find THE story, I'm letting that one go.

I have decided to move forward with the Gullah project. I'm going to commit to three days in the low country every other month. This will obviously be a long term project and I'll get down there more often if possible. I'm still gathering some info and contacts but I won't feel like it's going an ...

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long term projects

Published December 2nd, 2011

There is no cable TV in my house. We get PBS and do have a Netflix account so we can stream movies. We just don't watch much TV. We do however watch a lot of documentaries. I love people and am very fascinated with the human condition. God created us different than all the other species. We've got a soul. We've got choices to make. Big choices.

Some people choose to leave fortunes to their pets. Some folks choose to be homeless. Some choose to live in big cities. Some the country.

I want to photograph people. Landscapes don't do much for me. Some animal work speaks to me but it's rare. I have a good friend named Clay Bolt who shoots amazing nature stuff and is pulling together a world of photographers to make his current project happen. Check out his amazing project that Nat Geo France has picked up over at Anyway, Clay and I meet up periodically for what I call "mandates." We talk shop and bounce ideas off each other. What's funny is we don't shoot each others ...

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