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A Startled Blonde, a Wad of Cash, and a Mystery...

Published July 25th, 2013

When we make TV shows and films with the intention of creating suspense a common visual devise is the "Mystery Box". A mystery box can also work very well in photographs and in an interesting composition with good direction it might just keep your viewer entranced for more than the usual 2 seconds of interest!

So what is a mystery box? In Pulp Fiction it was the briefcase with something glowing inside that we never saw. In the TV series Lost it was that sealed entrance to some mysterious vault under the Island. In short it's an object or devise that obviously has significant meaning and importance to the character, but whose contents are kept secret from the audience or viewer. This creates tension or at the very least, as I think it does in this photograph, it creates interest.

So in this photo from one of my movies what exactly is going on here? She's in front of an opened closet, her top isn't completely secure, she's holding a wad of 100 dollar bills in her hand, she looks start ...

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