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The Yellow Rose

Published July 30th, 2013

The Yellow Rose has the distinction of being the only rose that does not necessarily express romance. It is also a rose with multiple meanings, where care must be taken when giving someone a Yellow Rose.

A single Yellow Rose can be given to your partner as an expression of happiness and love. It means you are happy with your love and relationship.

However, the Yellow Rose also has a dark side to it. During Victorian times a single Yellow Rose was used to express jealousy and infidelity. So sending a Yellow Rose tells your partner that you are jealous, or suspect them of cheating on you. So you better send a note with the Yellow Rose, so the person receiving it knows what you mean.

History also shows that the Yellow Rose is associated with the Sun, that was worshiped in many early societies. Light and warmth, important to life on Earth, also associated with the Yellow Rose.

And the Yellow Rose is the only rose that can be given to someone without sending a romantic message to its re ...

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