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Gianluca Cantelli

Gianluca Cantelli



I born in Formigine, a country in the Modena province (Italy), always a lover of nature, fascinated by the lights of the world, from the mountains, lakes, from the sky, the clouds, the sea ...... from all nature, and from the fantastic scenery that provides, i start photographing with film, but the real attraction for photography begins with digital. Are always new emotions admire a stunning landscape or an amazing sunset. These things sometimes may seem remote from us, but in fact are very close, it's just be able to appreciate. I believe a good image has the ability to remember an event very well, and a beautiful print of it on the wall of your home can be a virtual window on the world you want to remember and / or admire.
Marco Albonetti

Marco Albonetti

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Luca Biolcati Rinaldi

L. Biolcati...

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Micah Goff

Micah Goff

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Giacomo Meneghello

G. Meneghello

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Vanhamme's journey


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Jani Foeldes

Jani Foeldes

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John Monster

John Monster

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Mike Isaak

Mike Isaak

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Scott Sarber

Scott Sarber

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Giovanni Cioli

Giovanni Cioli

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