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What Can We Expect from the Canon 1DX and the N...

Published January 21st, 2012

With the imminent launch of two brand-new flagship sport/wildlife cameras from Canon and Nikon, I find it interesting to think a little about what we might expect from the two new cameras.

I believe that for those of us who shoot wildlife or any subject where getting closer is important, that the camera sensor is of great importance. The size of the individual pixels on that sensor will have an effect on how large ones subject finally is. Smaller individual pixel sizes usually translate into bigger subjects which will become apparent if the images are cropped to the same number of pixels. On the other hand, bigger pixels, given the same or similar state of technology as the smaller pixels, usually end up providing images that appear to be lower in noise, and of better quality. Of course, there is more to image quality than just pixel size and all sizes of dslr pixels have been getting gradually better every few years as computer tech and hardware like circuitry gets better and smaller. ...

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