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Capturing A Stone Rainbow

Published August 26th, 2013

Once again I’m asking myself, do I need to travel this path again? Do I really need to haul myself out of my warm sleeping bag?” I think to myself, I did get some pretty good photographs of the Alabama hills yesterday. Yet something inside pulls me forward.

As I rose to the day, I soon determined the morning sky would be cloudless. Not the best for amazing dawn photography. Great! Yet another reason to sleep in. But before I knew it, I’m shouldering my 30-pound pack of camera gear and switching on my headlamp.

Soon I’m finding my way instinctively in the predawn darkness, not even relying on GPS as I did in the past as I’ve traveled this path so often. As I hike, my headlamp beam illuminates a trail that's much more impacted than I remembered. It appears as though guardians of this area are attempting to repair, and restrict close vehicle access to many of these fragile and unique features. I have a strong sense that close intimate contact with them may soon be limited.

As I app ...

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