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Joe Edelman

Joe Edelman

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Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for lots of tutorials by The Thoughtful Photographer Joe Edelman is an award winning commercial, advertising, fine art, fashion photographer and author. His primary target - People! Joe’s career has spanned three decades, from his start as a newspaper photojournalist to his work today photographing all types of people for commercial clients such as magazines, colleges, corporations and advertising agencies. Joe has received both state and national awards for fashion photography as well as photojournalism in the categories of News, Feature and Sports photography. He is best known for his exquisite photographs of beautiful women. Joe’s work has appeared in magazines like Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Get Fit and Shape to name but a few. He has completed assignments for both the New York Times and The Los Angeles Times and serviced commercial advertising markets from all over the United States. In addition to his role as photographer, Joe is nationally recognized as an innovator in shaping models portfolios and careers. Simply put he advises serious models (both new and experienced) about how to market themselves. Joe is often used as a source for television stories as well as newspaper and magazine articles on the subject. Author: JE Bright references Joe in his book: America’s Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life: The Ultimate Source of Beauty, Fashion, and Model Behavior. Joe’s work is also referenced by author Rif K. Haffar in his book: Roadmap to Stardom: How to Break into Acting in Hollywood His success has made him a popular instructor and lecturer in beauty, glamour, and fine art nude workshops across the United States. He is also frequently asked to speak to photographers about marketing and advertising in the digital age. Joe is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania and in his spare time he authors the popular blog: The Thoughtful Photographer.
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