This is Spain

Published November 27th, 2013

Not only beaches. Not only sun. Not only bullfights or flamenco. Not only Madrid or Barcelona. But much, much more

Knights of the Order of Santiago

Members of the ancient Order of Santiago (the Spanish name for the apostle James, who emigrated to the Iberian Penninsula and preached all over Spain). People like the painter Velazquez or the poet Quevedo were as well members of this order (you can see its symbol in some paintings).
It is thought that St. James died in northern Spain and that he's the saint man who is buried under the Santiago Cathedral, in the city of Santiago, Galicia.
The cathedral and the city were built over the discovered tomb of the apostle, and now Santiago is one of the three holy cities of Christianity, along with Jerusalem and Rome, and center of pilgrimage since the Middle Age.
This shot was taken inside the cathedral.

The lonely tree

Some place in the region of Madrid

Red and blue

Las Rotas, a very caracteristic location in Denia, Alicante, composed by volcanic red rock broken by the rough sea. In fact Las Rotas means "the broken"

Broken Earth

Lands of the province of Segovia, in Castile, Spain.

The town in stone

Main square of the medieval town Sigüenza, in Guadalajara, Castile, Spain.

La Mancha

Fields in summer

Wheat fields in Toledo, in the heart of Castile

Sunset over the black beach

Sunset over Calnegre, in La Manga, Murcia (Spain). This is a very particular beach so it's composed by black sands. The name Calnegre means "black beach". I don't know if there is another beach in the world like this one.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (near Madrid) was built in the 16th century by the King and Emperor of Spain Philip II as a place of retirement. Is one of the most important Renaissance constructions in Europe, and was declared Heritage of Humanity.
The floor is based in Solomon's Temple, but actually has the shape of a grill because Saint Lawrence (San Lorenzo in Spanish) was executed roasted in a grill. Besides the wonderful library, you can see the pantheon of the kings underground, where all the kings of Spain are buried after their death since the 15th century.

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Awesome Account
Katerina Efthimiadu Russo  about 1 month ago
Via Francigena, the antique route connecting Rome to Santiago passes not far from where I live. We had a long walk some time ago and enjoyed it very much!
I also enjoyed you album very much and thank you for sharing!
You can find black volcanic sand in Santorini, in Greece, I do not know whether more or less black than the Calnegre's but equally beautiful. Thank you again and keep in touch!