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On Eve Arnold

Published January 12th, 2012

The news about Eve Arnold a few days ago were really a difficult time for me. So I wanted to write a little something, definitely some sort of tribute , but it’s more than that for me, she was as you all know an amazing photographer, and for me certainly a role model, I would even say a guiding light.

Of course at 99 years old, I cannot say I’m really surprised by her death but it’s just the pain that took me that’s hard to bear, the excruciating pain at first, the longing pain now, really like grieving.

I saw most of her pictures of Marilyn of course. As it happens I just adore Marilyn and I appreciate the way Eve Arnold captured all the sides of her personality,her fragility, strength, complexity.

She knew how to talk to people and how to use her own sensitivity, she knew trust is one of the most important things that needs to be built, In a nutshell she cared. To me it’s extremely important, and I can relate to that for my portraits. She cared…

Then there’s the photojournalism, ...

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