Mamaestelle Bodart

Mamaestelle Bodart



Not a photographer, but an artist who takes pictures, a whole other story, // Biography Once upon a time The story begins very early, Little Estelle is playing with her drawings as much as with her barbie dolls.Growing, she takes some classes here en there, in artschools, not pleasing teachers 'cause she adds colours, change proportions an acts in a funny way. She studies theatre, but ends up making theatre decoration, not acting. She works as a receptionnist, a guide , an edutainer and entertainer for children.Now Estelle is a mommy and has found the perfect compromise. She takes pictures!Colours are the same as in reality,proportions too. But she still likes to play, mixing drawings with pictures and paintings. Now let's see if you can handle her universe!
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Iliana Tsolou

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