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Marco Carmassi

Marco Carmassi

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My Photo Website My Tuscany Workshop Website Being a photographer for 25 years, I've lived through all the evolution of technology, the crucial passage from film to digital photography, keeping up with it, experimenting and testing. During all these years, I've always tried to avoid any compromise in terms of quality, spending a long time in searching new perspectives, new points of view, new approaches in composition and framing. My goal is to transmit the truth of nature, freezing in time its everchanging beauty, catching the perfect light, patiently waiting for the best (or worst) weather. Nothing is added or hidden in post-production, the landscapes are shot just the way they are at that very moment.
Takanori Kishikawa

T. Kishikawa

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Marco Henke

Marco Henke

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Manfred Witzig

Manfred Witzig

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Kyle W

Kyle W

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Gianluca Farina

Gianluca Farina

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Max Max

Max Max

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Geoff Dick

Geoff Dick

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Christof Teuscher

C. Teuscher

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Pablo Tobal

Pablo Tobal

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Nadine Steffen

Nadine Steffen

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