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"It's the final image that counts... not how you got there." Someone once told me....... Michael is a Freelance Photographer based in the City of Hamilton ,Ontario Canada. Michael's main interest of photography is Industrial, Architectural and Street Photography., and his love for his city shows in his work. He is well known for his work within the city, with clients such as The City of Hamilton., The Hamilton Spectator., McMaster University's radio station CFMU 93.3fm to name a few. In his words......... " Through my eyes I want to show the world how I see it , and there's beauty in everything. One just has to know how to show it " Images can be purchased here http://michael-hrysko.pixels.com/
  • Nikon D-80
  • Mamiya M645
  • Nikon/Nikkor 18-55mm, Nikon/Nikkor 28-200mm, Sigma 70-300mm
  • Mamiya Sekkor 80mm, 150mm
  • Minolta 35mm, 50mm, 100-200mm
  • Epson V500 Scanner
  • Two eyes
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