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Last Day of November 2012

Published November 30th, 2012

A day away from work, a walk with my dog, heavy frost, beautiful light, peace and tranquility, total bliss.........


Frosty Cotoneaster Stem.

Taken within 50 meters of my house, along a footpath.
An otherwise dull everyday footpath, many children take this path to school, i too travel along it many times a year, yet a change in weather and light and its transformed.

Elderberry Leaves.

Afternoon winter sunshine lights up the last few green leaves.


Elderberry Leaves.

These Elderberry leaves have turned golden, the late winter sunshine enhancing their colour.

Frosty Grass.

Today we had the 1st heavy frost of the forthcoming 2012 winter, the sun is beginning to melt the frost, small droplets of water begin to form.

Field Grass.

Many farm fields remain un-worked this year due to the heavy rains, making ploughing impossible.
Grasses around the field borders are growing well.

Melting Frost.

Frost melts in layers, where the sunlight can reach it.


A Single Drop.

A single drop of water from melting frost, hangs to a single blade of grass.

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