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I´m taking pictures since I was a little boy and learned a lot from my father. Now my kids are getting into the photography too. I enjoy photographing whatever catches my eye, be it landscape, flowers, people and architecture or anything that seems to appeal to me. For many years I had my own b/w darkroom and took pictures slides, but since 2008 I´m only taking pictures with my DSLRs. I love to be in the mountains, so you will find many pictures of nature and landscape. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my work. Thank you for all the views, comments and faves .. all the attention on my photo are highly appreciated. I´m working as a public prosecutor, so, sorry, I won´t post my full name or much more personal things here.
  • Nikon D7000, Nikon D80, Nikon F2 AS, Nikon F70, Rolleicord 6x6
  • Nikkor 18 - 200 DX, Tokina 11 - 16 DX, Nikkor 24 - 120 FX, Nikon 50 FX
Arkamitra Roy

Arkamitra Roy

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S. Pacher

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Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke

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Ariel Di Capua

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Abdul Maimani

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Luis Martínez

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Marge Litvinskas

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Vanesa Alvarado

Vanesa Alvarado

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J. Strandos

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