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Peter Vooijs

Peter Vooijs



With my passion for photography and creating fine art from the images I capture through my lens, I aim to add value to what already exists. Bringing you into the world that I see and in so doing sharing my work with you all. Black and White photography is what I love the most.It is powerful to me and one of my pieces of fine art photography can speak volumes once completed. Art which I look forward to seeing on your walls too.I have been told by a number of admirers of my work, that on seeing one of my pieces that they loved, that they could already clearly envision where it will hang in large print within their homes. . Peter Vooijs Photo Art and Photography, interview Exhibitions with out walls thank you Ed Wedman
Isaac D. Pacheco

I. Pacheco

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zahlul fuad

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Chris Gampat

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Khaled Noor

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M. Bastidas Ortiz

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Joe Wilson

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Shady ezz

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Bruno Raffa

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Thomas Sebourn

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