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Yves and his double life

Published October 20th, 2013

Forest technician by day (Woodman), fantastic photographer the rest of the time (Photoman) we went about together to mix those worlds. And found an abandoned bus where we were able to push a bit the limits of our imaginations... (Busman and Sprayman).

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A ski accident

Published October 15th, 2012

2 friends of mine have been doing telemark for a while now. Telemark is this downhill ski technique using free-heel skis, kind of like cross country skis. Very elegant and gracious, and very difficult. Last winter, they were alone on the slope in the Canadian Rockies and BAM, they brutally collided. It turns out that it is his fault (he admits it) and she has a broken collar bone... No more ski for the season!

For Xmas, a couple weeks before this tragic accident, I offered them a photo session, at their convenience. That's what we did in April of 2012, all with speedlites, in their house.


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