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Hello everybody !!!

I am living in the Northwest of British Columbia, Canada. One of the most beautiful places, in the world for landscape photography. I am working on mining exploration across Canada like a chef cook or camp manager and I saw so much nice part of the country and around my house that I decided to buy a camera for my birthday the 25 march 2010.

A little kit not expensive, for learning at the beginning and because, I am hard on my tools like a kid on his toy. The first month was a disaster, sun in the face, lens dirty, white balance not balance, ISO.....what is that????...............and after 4000 flick, I start reading the manual of my Canon and here I am with my obsessive, compulsive and sickness problem.....hi hi hi !!!!

Canon DSLR XS (The lowest quality of Canon)

Canon lens 17-55 mm (Good for 2 to 20 feet, after, it’s luck!)

Canon lens 100-300 mm (May I should start a new art photography with it : Dusty photography!!!)

Canon lens zoom : 18 - 135 mm (Another dusty lens and broke on automatic)

Tripod Vivitar year 1932 (All raked and heavy like a dumbbell weight, but useful for digging, tent support and padeling)

New tripod since 3 june 2011, Manfrotto carbon, what a good tripod......

Editing until the 3 june 2011 with Windows Live Gallery, a free software with Windows vista around 5% of the capacity of Photoshop

Editing with Lightroom 3.3 since the 3 june 2011 and what a different in between JPEG and RAW!!!

What I love in the photography:

I love the emotion that you have when you are in front of a good subject and the light is coming on it. This feeling of a good stress, your heart is going faster, your hands are sweating and your brain is getting crazy and at the end you are rewarded by the comments of you guys!!!!

You are not taking a photo, you make it!

Ansel Adams



  • Canon Rebel XS

British Columbia, Canada

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