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Tony Bell

Tony Bell



Freelance photographer shooting live music, events and sport. I have a keen interest in where I live, which for a while now has been Suffolk, England. By far my favorite photographic subjects are musicians. When musicians play they wear their hearts on their sleeves - for me the challenge is to capture that unscripted moment be it a pose, expression, look or gesture. Most of the shots here are in black and white because they say when you shoot people in colour you see their clothes but in black & white you see their soul. Yes, there are exceptions... because life is like that. Oh, and the sometimes strange sounding image titles, if you hadn't guessed, are the names of the bands. Most of my images are available to purchase on-line from my events gallery pages:
Mark Williams

Mark Williams

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Dave MacIntyre

Dave MacIntyre

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Mark Tripp

Mark Tripp

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Oleg Gutsol

Oleg Gutsol

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Rich Frollini

Rich Frollini

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Terry L  Townsend Berry

T. Townsend Berry

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Natalia Popova-Klishina

N. Popova-Klis...

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Andreas Liptow

Andreas Liptow

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Tranquil Soul Photography

T. Photography

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