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valentina albanese

valentina albanese



Valentina, born in 1983, Italian, Sicilian to be exact .. the passion for photography was born about 13 years ago for a little game and has turned with time into something great that with mere words is difficult to explain. He began shooting with an old samsung film, after a few years with a digital camera, a Sony Cybershot, but for 6 years and a half has a Nikon D80 SLR. He loves the pictures "True" not posed or constructed and the flash of his camera and artificial lighting prefer natural light. Self-taught, is documented on the internet and sometimes on the books to try to improve his technique. Through the lens of the camera sees the world in a different way, almost perfect. He knows he still has much to learn and dreams to take this passion and the work of his life. Meanwhile he continued to take every single piece of life with his inseparable and Nikon, with the hope that one day everything goes as desired, worked in the family when dealing with an entirely different thing. Una Foto Non Scattata è Un Ricordo che Non C'è...
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