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Eye-Fi goes Direct Mode...

Published May 9th, 2011

I had earlier posted on a blog regarding the Eye-Fi SD card that allows photographers to transfer images directly from the camera to the computer/ios/android devices provided all the devices are using the same wireless network via the built in Wi-Fi card in the SD Card. Well the have just launched their DIRECT MODE and the concept is just awesome. No more need to carry routers around, the SD Card can directly transfer the images to your device. For me its great since I can now just take my Ipad along with my camera anywhere and just shoot and preview the pictures on the fly.

Initial testing works promising. It took me some time to setup. I am hoping newer revisions of the software would get the setup to work better. However once I got it running, I was shooting pictures and seeing previews on an average of 5-8 second which is great. So all of you out there, now its the best time to buy the card and follow the link to get the cheapest SD Card that will allow you to do this. (http://www ...

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