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Alessandro Michelazzi earned a bachelor degree of Art in Photography and Graphic for fashion advertise at Florence’s University in 2009. He opened his own studio, AMS-Team in 2011 based on professional photography and new technologies as Computer Generated Image (Cgi), 360 gigapixel images and Videographs. During his study period, in the 2008, he completed an Internship schedule of six months in Holland with the international fashion photographer Gerrit Schreurs. Alessandro followed in the past years many different workshops with photographers as Renè Burri, Keith Carter, Mauro Fiorese and Giorgio Rigon improving his own skills. He has won many photo contest and his images has been published on magazines and books. On 500px website you can find a selection of works from the "Life and Diary" personal project. More about Alessandro's works on his personal website.
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