Reihaneh Mahdinejad

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Published October 19th, 2011

Hi guys.I have a dear friend in facebook that has a page named "ARTPICS". It has almost 200,000 users and fan. he select photographs of different artists from all over the world and makes albums to share with people on facebook. but he always mentions the name of the artist on the pics and also under each photo & album. apparently some people from gave him a hard time and threat him that they gonna report him and close his page. after so many days and night of effort that he put on his work to entertain people and introduce these artists to the world for nothing , absolutely no rewards, he is deleting all his albums tonight with a tears on his eyes. we both cried for this, but I'm sure there will be a better tomorrow for him. if any one here reading this and like to cooperate with him in future to be in his page please contact me and let me know. you and your art will be introduce to his growing fans and soon will be a Artpics TV that he will show more work of you there. thanks ...

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