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Connect with others using the new Friend Finder

Published by Jen Tse · November 10th 2011

Friends <3 by Sandra Schürmans (Amoura)) on
Friends <3 by Sandra Schürmans

Things are often more fun with friends. Now you can find yours with the new Friend Finder feature on 500px.

To access the finder, click Settings in the top right corner of the site.

To use the finder, just click "find friends" to login and authorize a contact search on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. Fellow photographers on these networks who have 500px accounts will appear below each respective service, and you can choose to follow their work on 500px.

Remember, once you add someone to your friends, their photos will appear along with those of whomever else you've added under your Friends tab. It's just one more way to build your network, discover new photography, and be inspired.

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Matt Moran  about 1 year ago
None of them are working for me. They just sit there with the little infinity symbol twirling around forever.
Julian Heritage  over 2 years ago
Flickr friend finder not working, Twitter finder worked
Lluis Gerard  over 2 years ago
Flickr don't working for me at all, I have 1,000 friends and I get "We didn't find any of your Flickr friends on our site." message.
Bruce Walker  over 2 years ago
Flickr button gets me this message from Flickr:

Oops! Flickr doesn't recognise the "oauth_token" this application is trying to use.

Gabriele Rivoli  over 2 years ago
hi, the flickr module doesn't work for me.
excellent implementation however!
Filippo Bianchi  over 2 years ago
Very nice!

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