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It's here! Introducing iOS 500px app 2.5

Published by Alexandra Kim · February 12th 2014


Today we’re extremely excited to launch our newest iOS mobile app version, iOS 500px app 2.5. With every updated version we try to bring something exciting and useful to our members and, as always, we always support photographers and creatives to the best of our abilities.

We’re particularly excited about what 2.5 means for the convenience of uploading photos from your camera to 500px on the go. There are so many photographers who have asked for a simpler way to upload photos to the 500px platform while they’re out and about. Maybe you’re crouching in the middle of the forest for two hours waiting for that cricket to jump just right, maybe watching the sun go down and waiting to capture our enthralling Milky Way, or maybe on a beach vacation with your loved ones - you can now share your work with the 500px community wherever you are.

To help with this process, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to demonstrate how to upload photos using your iPad and our latest 2.5 app.

1. Take a photo.


2. Take the SD card out of your camera.


3. Place the SD card in SD card to iPad adaptor. (You can buy these at any Apple store for around 35 USD.)


4. Import your photos to your iPad’s photo library.


5. Open the 500px app on your iPad and upload the photos to your 500px library. You can choose the thumbnail and add all the metadata as soon as you upload!


Voilà! It’s as easy as that. You can download our latest version of the app here.

We know that for some, there is the concern that the quality of 500px will diminish with the ability to easily share mobile photos on the platform. Let’s remember the way our community lives and thrives together. It’s up to the community to share, but also to help each other improve in our crafts. We see 500px as a home for all creatives, and we will always encourage people to share their best works, whether that’s using a Canon 5D Mark II or an iPhone 4.

What do you think about the newest version of iOS? We're excited to hear your thoughts!

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Plus Account
B a v a r i a n D n a  7 months ago
Its really great to have it around, though when will it be available for Android ?
500px Team
Alexandra Kim  7 months ago
Thanks! :) We're hoping to add it to Android soon.
kombizz kashani  7 months ago
Nice to have new stuff for this lovely site.

Even if I have this technology handy, I would never use it WITHOUT my good friend of PS (Photo Shop). Although my knowledge of PS is almost nothing, but without post-editing, I do not upload my images anywhere.
I am not sure how few people could upload their images without any re-examining them on a bigger screen.
Thank you for showing step by step instruction with image.
(wish I had her camera and her Ipad) !

Awesome Account
The Other Side Of Me  7 months ago
Can we *please* have the ability to refine searches by category?

Pretty pretty please?

Search is near useless without this.

Quan Vu  7 months ago
Iphone version is very responsive and easy to use. Although it's still lagging on my the third generation ipad.
Awesome Account
Almqvist Photo  7 months ago
500px Team
Alexandra Kim  7 months ago
We're hoping to add it soon!
Awesome Account
Paolo Lucciola  7 months ago
"It’s up to the community to share, but also to help each other improve in our crafts." It would have be a sense with a dislike button...
hui zhang  7 months ago
does this support RAW format?
Ben Bolt  7 months ago
Can anyone using an ipad and the 500px app view my pics without signing up for 500px? Many people I would email to look at my pics probably are in too much of a hurry to sign up.


500px Team
Alex Flint  7 months ago
No, signing in is needed on our mobile apps. They can visit on the web without logging in.
Gianluca Lastoria  7 months ago
Nice to have, but how many people publish out-of-the-camera pictures?
Emil Edilersky  7 months ago
I think it's not about out-of-camera shots. As for me I'm using an mobile devices more recently for surfing 500px. So I would like to know how are my photos looks in this type of devices. So, before uploading to web, I check the photos on mobile. If it satisfy me, I just upload it!

Thanks to 500px!

Guillaume L.  7 months ago
Seems great ... but iOS 7 :'-(
Rudy Denoyette  7 months ago
Works great!
Great addition to a super app!
500px Team
Alex Flint  7 months ago
Thanks Rudy! Glad you enjoy.

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