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New fullscreen portfolio theme: Filled

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · November 22nd 2011

This holiday season is almost upon us, so we thought it would be a great idea to introduce a new theme, the one that many have been wishing for — elegant fullscreen theme called Filled, available for our awesome members.

This theme looks great on iPhone and iPad, and you can swipe through photos on your mobile device. It also totally rocks on any computer, as it is built with Javascript and HTML5, so it's fast and accessible from anywhere.

If you thought of upgrading to Awesome, now is the perfect time — we accept Visa and Mastercard, so paying for Awesome is even easier. And with even more features available to awesome members it is super-easy to setup your personal photo portfolio that looks great. If you haven't tried it yet, try it for free here:

Update: If your photos has been uploaded in high resolution, Filled will show them at higher resolution that the standard size at If you uploaded lower resolution images, they will be scaled and may not look ideal on high-resolution screens.

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Awesome Account
Mustafa Tarik Olmez  almost 2 years ago
Had the same issue last week, i just changed the theme but loved the filled theme though, hope 500px fix it asap
Plus Account
Wieger Wijnia  over 2 years ago
i tried this one as it works great in chrome,but it fails in internet explorer as the images are displayed at a very low resolution.
Christopher Odd  over 2 years ago
Resolution isn't good, also would be fantastic to have in white!
Awesome Account
kacy jahanbini  almost 3 years ago
this is exactly the one! ... but alas, the horrid rendering/pixelation of images is a huge deal breaker... i can understand if i uploaded low rez files, but jaggies on a portfolio from images i posted that i know are large enough is kinda lame ... wake me up when you've got that worked out ;)
Awesome Account
Douglas Knisely  almost 3 years ago
Also fails completely on IE 8 on my work computer. Yeah, I know... I don't care that much, but it is still not acceptable for a portfolio page. Says "Errors on page" in the status bar at bottom.
Awesome Account
Douglas Knisely  almost 3 years ago
I want to love this theme and keep checking back, but it bogs down in performance (seems to get worse and worse as you view more images, no matter how powerful of a computer and network), but (more importantly), I hate, hate, hate the transparent overlay of the bottom (and sometimes top) elements over the photos. It looks like those transparent elements should disappear if you stop moving the mouse (or something), but they never go away. I want to see the whole image in all cases!!
Awesome Account
Lukas Biba  almost 3 years ago
Photographs lose quality - pixelation on 24".
Awesome Account
Kurt Baeten  almost 3 years ago
Nice. Works great for me on 24" monitor.
Rich Carstensen  almost 3 years ago
Very nice! I've just checked it out and it looks AWESOME! Love it! Keep up the good work!
Awesome Account
Larry Williamson  almost 3 years ago
Even if it did not look so awesome, I'd use it anyway just because you can use the keyboard to scan through images, ie. using the left and right arrow keys. It's all the more wonderful because it looks so damn good too! Thank you, thank you! And the images look stunning on my 27" screen!

(It's the one thing about 500px that disappoints me - that I cannot use arrow keys but must use my trackpad to move between pages and images everywhere)

500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  almost 3 years ago
If your photos has been uploaded in high resolution, Filled will show them at higher resolution that the standard size at If you uploaded lower resolution images, they will be scaled and may not look ideal on high-resolution screens.
Awesome Account
cartographr  almost 3 years ago
i'm using it now -

What I have noticed is that on both my macbook pro 13" and ipad2, it displays beautifully.

However, its when we start using higher scale monitors such as my 22" ultrasharp, and thats when you're going to see the jaggies and the pixelation. Unfortunately, due to the reason for this pixelation is because 500px stores all of our photos (in thumbnail version) at 900px height-wise in landscape mode photos or length-wise in the portrait mode.

So I think the best way for them to resolve this issue is to display all of our portfolio photos at the full resolution we post them at, and then they get scaled from there. I know it increases loading time and server bandwidth usage, but the jaggies are pretty unbearable when I look at it on my ultrasharp and scratch my head at the quality.

I love the theme though.

Veronique AUBOIS-MANN  almost 3 years ago
Sorry but I have to agree with the previous comments ... :o(
Awesome Account
Christian Alencar  almost 3 years ago
you can do better
Awesome Account
Alex Abebe  almost 3 years ago
need more work.
Tomasz Nowicki  almost 3 years ago
Quality is really bad. If you want my money you have to make it look better.
EddFirm .  almost 3 years ago
tried it. showed bad jaggies when scaling up/down. unusable right now - shame really
Jeff DeNapoli  almost 3 years ago
tried it but the scaling is bad and like others say, shows terrible pixelation and ruins viewing. can you have it fill all available space but not exceed the actual image size, or at least fill based only on the long edge if the original image resolution is bigger than the window?
Awesome Account
Frank Lemire  almost 3 years ago
Hoping for a Horizontal version of this great theme. Right now if the photos dont have enough pixels of height for the browser window they're being shown in, they will pixelate as it adds in pixels.
Germán Ruiz  almost 3 years ago
Photographs lose quality :S
Jerry Hammond  almost 3 years ago
FWIW, Just tried to change to the new theme. Photographs do not display.

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