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Enter This Photo Contest From The Weather Channel

Published by Zach Kim · June 6th 2014

The Weather Channel and Toyota have recently teamed up for a photo contest, “It’s Amazing Out There”. They're looking for photos that display a passion for nature, adventure, travel, and weather. It's a great opportunity to increase your exposure within the photography community.

Submission for photos have already begun. With the grand prize winner receiving $15,000 along with tons of other prizes, you'll definitely want to submit your best work by the June 15th deadline!

Enter the “It’s Amazing Out There” Photo Contest now. For more info, you can read the official rules.

There are 3 categories you can submit your photos to, each aimed at the different ways weather affects our lives.

The Living World:

Photos in this category should capture the wonder of Mother Nature, from rare species to stunning landscapes.


Weather plays a huge role in activities and the places we travel. Showcase your sense of adventure in this category.

The Elements:

Submit to this category to encapsulate the power and beauty of weather systems.
Judges for the contest include:
Adam Ravetch
Steve Winter
Neil Katz
And Dave Mayhew

Winners will be announced on August 15th, with photos being judged on creativity, technical merit, and relevance to the category.

Unfortunately this contest is only available for U.S residents.

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Wilhelm Treml  6 days ago
Erin Nadeau  about 1 month ago
The link on their site is totally broken.
Plus Account
ElisaEly Photography  about 1 month ago
Nice contests in Italy sometime? :(
Tom Schwabel  3 months ago
Read the license granted by entering carefully before you submit.
Chilehead Craig  3 months ago
So basically they can use your photo in any way with no compensation, but do you lose rights to the photo (i.e can I still sell and own the photo)? I never can tell the way these things are written.
Awesome Account
Ron Loxton  3 months ago
You might want to mention that it is only open to US residents.

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