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The Deal of a Lifetime from Lytro!

Published by Alexandra Kim · June 26th 2014

Here at 500px we love to bring you new products that will spur your creativity and get you excited about photography. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Lytro to offer you this special discount on a fantastic new piece of technology, the recently unveiled LYTRO ILLUM. If you pre-order your LYTRO ILLUM camera before July 31, 2014, you will receive $250 off the retail price of $1,599. This price is a special, limited-time offer exclusively for you.

You’ve probably heard about them recently if you read TechCrunch or watch Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The soon-to-be-released camera is the first camera able to harnesses the power of light field – capturing the direction, color and brightness of the rays of light within the frame. That means the ability to explore your pictures from different perspectives, focal points and dimensions.

Here’s how to pre-order this awesome camera and claim your $250 off:
1. Place a LYTRO ILLUM pre-order at
2. Take your Lytro pre-order number and enter it here along with your 500px username, and primary email address.
3. Submit the rebate form.

You’re done! Wait for your new LYTRO ILLUM to arrive at your door!

Got any questions? Please see the 500px/Lytro FAQ.

Want to be notified before this awesome deal expires? We’ll send you a reminder 2 days before! Just enter your email address below:


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Ramesh Sharma  2 months ago
Lytro camera look very nice........


Awesome Account
Daniel Chui  3 months ago
Silicon valley hipsters everywhere, rejoice at a new way to demonstrate your wealth!
Awesome Account
Khürt Williams  2 months ago
LOL! I was thinking the same thing. If I had $1600 to blow on photography gear I would buy a new lens. Better ROI.
Eva Creel  3 months ago
Drool you beautiful tempest you. You know who would make a great ambassador for this camera? Von Wong.
Syed Luqman  3 months ago
Is it available in UAE/ Dubai?
500px Team
Alexandra Kim  3 months ago
Hi Syed! Unfortunately, it is not available to pre-order in UAE yet:

You can sign up to receive an email of when it will be available at the link above.

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