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NEW! LYTRO ILLUM Living Pictures now available on 500px!

Published by Alexandra Kim · July 22nd 2014

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago, we told you about the awesome deal on the new LYTRO ILLUM camera, exclusive to 500px members. Now, we are so excited to announce that for the first time ever, you will be able to experience the amazing Living Pictures within the 500px community for yourself!

For starters, check out Lytro’s new page on 500px. Here, we’ll be aggregating the best Living Pictures taken with the new LYTRO ILLUM. Lytro will be favoriting Living Pictures found on 500px and featuring them on their new page. Could yours be up there?

These photos, taken with LYTRO ILLUM, give off a cool 3D effect that can’t be found in any other photo file. This new technology allows you to change the point of focus and perspective in the pictures. We’ve seen some amazing photographers capture these unique capabilities and turn them into real works of art. Check out the example below!

Not only that, all those who pre-order will be eligible to submit a photo shoot idea for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime, all-expenses-paid trip to Iceland to take part in an exclusive photo shoot with Chris Burkard. Burkard is a top adventure lifestyle photographer and senior staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, not to mention one of our favorite 500px members.

We can’t wait for 500px members to become a part of this unique community of photography and technology leaders. Pre-order LYTRO ILLUM before July 31st and receive a $250 discount exclusive for you!

Here’s how to pre-order this awesome camera:

1. Place a LYTRO ILLUM pre-order at

2. Take your Lytro pre-order number and enter it here along with your 500px username, and primary email address.

3. Submit the rebate form.


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Mike Miller  about 1 month ago
As for the pricing, I always scratch my head when I see that questioned. A single lens with anything near the specs of the Lytro Illum's doesn't exist and would cost significantly more if it did.

Is the Illum a must have? No, but it's a huge upgrade to the first generation product and it fills a potentially interesting niche. It could grow into something bigger than that in the future. Time will tell.

John Stokes  about 1 month ago

I wish this company all the best but looking at the current images on their profile i do not see any compelling reason why I should even part with $500 (if it could be priced lower). I do not know what it brings to the table in the art of photography.

The best quote that sums up what I have seen from this tech is from a professional photographer

"I put Lytro images in the same category as cinemagraphs… I mean animated gifs.”

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Mike Miller  about 1 month ago
The Verge article seems a bit harsh based on my limited experience. I'm not saying it's wrong, but my camera has worked well and Lytro's desktop software has been stable and reasonably responsive on a fairly high end iMac. The Windows experience has always lacked or lagged based on what I've seen.

There is room for improvement of course but it is a long ways from DOA from what I can tell.

D Basu  about 1 month ago
What I have understood about this interesting device is that it takes about 10 shots at different focal lengths and keeps them in one single file format. But what I have found is that the shots lack in quality. The design is great but the output is sub-standard.
Gerald McLaughlin  21 days ago
That's not actually how this particular camera works. There are lots of other cameras that claim to be light-field that do just that. This particular camera doesn't only capture the light's color and position information when it hits the photo sensor, but also the angular information allowing for the full LYTRO ILLUM light-field effect.
John Stokes  about 1 month ago
At the moment this device is at best for a very SMALL niche market and at worst DOA.

The verge just had a review on it and apart from the sensational way off the mark headline the review was damming. When a device comes out on the market with that amount of flaws then you better hope the company have deep pockets so they can make the thing better before its too late.

When I first started out in photography in 2009 and came across Shallow DOF, long exposure shots and what could be created with black and white I was captivated and it inspired me to keep taking pictures and find my own style. However by checking out the LYTRO pictures on 500px I have to say they are not bringing anything to the table in the form of new art or storying telling. Putting aside the poor image quality all those images are is a gimmick of clicking around changing the perspective.

I keep hearing people say that you have to learn a whole new set of rules when using this device when creating these so called "living pictures" (is that not what video is for) well right now no one seems to have created anything that wants me to part with a ridiculous amount of money.

Awesome Account
Khürt Williams  about 1 month ago
Wow! Quality is worse than my the first digital camera I bought back in 1999. And the click and drag doesn't work. Yawn! Let me know around 2060 when this technology does something useful.
Awesome Account
Jonathan Seet  about 1 month ago
That is wicked.

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