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Gallery: Starry, Starry Night

Published by Debs Slater ยท May 28th 2012

The Gallery feature is a great way of challenging yourself and getting exposure for your work. Every week a theme will be announced and you'll have until Sunday (6pm EST) to submit photos on that theme. You may already have photos that suit, or you could see it as a weekly creative brief. Either way, make sure the photo is uploaded to your 500px Profile and then just email me the link. 12 will make it onto the blog :)

This week's theme was...

Starry, Starry Night

Next week's theme: On the Road

The theme is completely open to interpretation so get creative, get snapping and send them our way:


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Richard Pinches  over 2 years ago
I'm tempted to get my canon out, just need the damn clouds to go away!
Debs Slater (inactive)  over 2 years ago
Do it! (Once the clouds have cleared) :D
Rachel Brown  over 2 years ago
whats the best way to get pictures like this? I'm still learning (aren't we all) and open to anyone's advice :)
Debs Slater (inactive)  over 2 years ago
Hi Rachel, we'll be featuring tutorials on this blog very soon and capturing star trails will definitely be one of them! Stay tuned :)
Awesome Account
lazybone cafe  over 2 years ago
my first time making it to the gallery thanks!
Debs Slater (inactive)  over 2 years ago
You're welcome :)
Scott Leonard  over 2 years ago
Nice! +++
Arturo Monreal  over 2 years ago
awesome.great design [ one of the reasons why i choose 500px instead of flickr
YoShi05  over 2 years ago
Amazing Capture !! Wonderful Set

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