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A Day With 500px

Published by Debs Slater · May 30th 2012

On May 15th members of the team here at 500px took part in the A Day project. As detailed in this post the aim of A Day was to inspire perspectives on humankind, today and tomorrow. All the photos uploaded to the site are going to be connected to others all over the world and preserved. This will not only give us a thorough understanding of what life was like on May 15th, 2012 but it will also allow future generations to see it for themselves. The website is due to launch in June, however a sneak peak is supposed to be going online today!

For us at 500px the project gave us the opportunity to snap a few shots of what a typical day at 500px HQ is like, along with using the project as an excuse to leave the office for an hour and wander to the iconic CN Tower :)

Here are a few shots from our team and their take on the project...

Ash Furrow

As someone who only recently purchased his first DSLR, I look forward to these types of community events because they present such a great opportunity to learn from other photographers. I moved to Toronto last year and still have fun exploring some of the neat spaces downtown that seem mundane to longtime residents.

Samantha Shea

I took some pictures of my feet for the A Day project. Sometimes you can see my little toe sticking out of the side. I probably need to get some new shoes. I documented my route that day which took me around the city, but I stayed focused on the ground, patterns and terrains, all outdoors on a nice sunny day. My favourite is the lobster.

Aday of Feet by Samantha Shea (SamanthaShea) on
Aday of Feet by Samantha Shea

Eric Akaoka

These are my contributions to the A Day project. As a brand new member of the 500px team but a lifelong Torontonian, taking downtown photos with my new co-workers was an exercise in finding familiarity and common ground with then-unfamiliar people, while also looking to capture novelty and new perspectives on a city I know so well.

Debbie Slater

I documented my day from morning to night. For me (and many others) the internet is a huge part of daily life and I wanted to incorporate this into my images. From the photo of Facebook (definitely a daily habit), to the church at the top of my road with its message “There are some questions that can’t be answered by Google”, and a shot of my work computer displaying the internet-based company I work for.

Another Day

The A Day project aside, I actually think photographing a typical day in your life is something that would be interesting to do more often. Taking photos throughout my day really made me focus on what a typical day in my life is like right now. It got me thinking about the changes I would like to make to my life and what I’d like a typical day to look like in a few years time.

Perhaps by picking one date in the calendar, and every year documenting that date through photography, we will see how our life changes over time. By being more aware of my own day-to-day existence I'm inspired to focus on my goals so that hopefully, in the future, my typical day won’t start with Facebook. Still ending the day with frozen yoghurt would be just fine :)


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Aileen Sorenson  over 2 years ago
Wonderful shots!!!
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Manuel Liaño  over 2 years ago
This is kool...!! wish i was there too...! =)
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Michael Steverson  over 2 years ago
Cool... nice to get a behind the scenes look at you guys in your everyday environment. The ice cream is cruel and unusual punishment to a guy on a diet...

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