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Partnering with Pinterest

Published by Debs Slater · June 20th 2012

Pinterest is a popular photo-sharing website that lets you create virtual pin-boards and collect inspiration - easy to find great ideas and even easier to lose track of time. Whether you want to find a unique travel destination, cook up something new for dinner, or decide on the perfect shade of paint for the bathroom, you can create a board and pin ideas from all over the web, as well as repin what other people have posted.

The site’s become incredibly popular incredibly quickly; it’s actually the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique visitors in one week! Due to its popularity it’s a great way to gain exposure as pinned photographs link back to the original source.

Automatically attributed

Pinterest are keen to give credit where credit is due and, of course, so are we. That’s why we’ve partnered up with them; to ensure that any photographs pinned from 500px will not only link back to the original source but they will be automatically displayed with the title of the photograph, and the photographer’s username. Furthermore, this information cannot be edited by the Pinterest user, and all existing pins from 500px will be automatically attributed too, meaning much more security for your images.

Sunset on the Superstitions by Mike Olbinski

More exposure

Not only is this another great way for you to gain exposure via 500px but, with the handy sharing button now appearing under all the images, you can join in the fun yourself. Get over to Pinterest, set up some boards, and get pinning all the awesome photographs you find on our site!

Island from the day before by Evgeni Dinev

You can also follow 500px on Pinterest here, and if you fancy a peek at our dream office head to this Pinterest board. We’ve got some awesome ideas... or at least we’ve found some and created a virtual pin-board out of them :)


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Thorbjørn Fessel  2 months ago
what happened to all the pinterest shares?

One of my images had nearly 3k shares on pinterest, and now it's all "0"?

andy 126 (inactive)  5 months ago
I have an account there, but barely I use it -
I guess I should get used to the new Digital loudspeaker tools in the Digital Era (DE)
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Tolbxela Bot  about 1 year ago
I have made a small free tool to mass pin photos from 500px. Here
It is quick and easy and can handle the title of photo right! ;-)
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Tolbxela Bot  about 1 year ago
Comment hidden
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Keith Crusher  about 1 year ago
If I may point something out - even if you have right-click disabled on 500px, it's not that difficult to be able to download the image using any number of methods, such as Firefox or Chrome Developer Tools, DownloadThemAll, etc.

If you put your photos on the web, they can be downloaded, period. There is NO way to absolutely secure those images. You can watermark them as a safety measure but, really, it boils down to trust.

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Sophie Gauss  over 1 year ago
I'm a little bit behind but have just discovered Pinterest. I'm not happy either. My issue is not so much that things are linked back to us (though I'm grateful this is the case) but I'm not happy about the fact I make my photos non-right clickable on 500px, only to find that you can right click on the image in Pinterest no probs! I've just tried this on another 500px user. His photo on his 500px is non right-clickable, but on the page of the lady who's pinned it to her Pinterest, you can easily hit 'save as'. I find this worrying. What is the point of us trying to protect our images on 500px if someone can effectively steal our image so easily and then break down that one bit of deterrent we have?! At least give us the option of switching it off.
John Farnan  almost 2 years ago
No thanks to 500px for this
You have now put a steal me button below all of my images and given me no rights or ability to remove it
Its a bit ironic that there is no pintrest button below the images on this blog...

Are you bringing in an option to remove it like now??? the comments posted were a month ago saying and i use this without claiming copyright on the OP's words "Pinterest and our developers are now working on the option not to share images."
It took approx 2 weeks to implement a turn off option
It took less than a week but you guys are now a month in and its not anywhere i can find it.
I am now stuck betwen a rock and a hard cold knife. If my images have been pinned from here and i delete them they become orphanded and not trackable back to me
If i leave them on here i am continually being beasted and robbed

I didnt say i wanted my images stolen from me you didnt ask me if i did

I understand the risks of theft on the internet but pintrest is set up specifically to steal images and post them round the internet whilst assuming copyright is held by the pinner not the artist..
I may not be the photographer with the largest following, i may not be the best you have but my work is my work and you violated my rghts by "Partnering" with this site and not giving us the option to turn it off.

I came to 500px after hearing you guys talk on this week in photo about the great ethos and how much this meant to you. I suggest you show me as an artist the respect i deserve and get that theft button off my work or at least install an option so i can...
Once this is done email me to let me know. A blog post wont cut it as i only found out about the pinning by accident lat night when i found one of mine on one of pintrests many pages of stolen images.

KimJ Trebble  almost 2 years ago
With technology you can pin anything, even if there isn't a "share" button. On almost every POD site they have an email option. Even though it is a small res image I can email an image to myself , save it and load it up on Pinterest. It is theft but most people don't see it as wrong. They have the attitude, well if everybody else is doing it then so can I. I have seen many images on Facebook that get shared and every now and again somebody will load it as their own and share it. The members on Pinterst don't care about the size they are just pinning an image.

Love it or hate it Pinterest is here to stay. It is growing each day and unfortunately the average Jane/Jo out there don't know about copyright laws. They seem something they like and they click away.

I hate Pinterest and I wouldn't want my images shared on that site. I will never be able to stop it. I have far better things to do than to sit and go through the site looking for my work.

kombizz kashani  about 2 years ago
I have an account there, but barely I use it -
I guess I should get used to the new Digital loudspeaker tools in the Digital Era (DE)
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Peter Hill  about 2 years ago
"my personal belief is that the more people see and like you photos, the more popular you will become"

I'm sorry but I don't recall telling you I wanted to be "popular". What I want is to be "protected" by 500px. Involuntary sharing of my images is facilitating illegal breach of my proprietary rights. Others call it theft, but I prefer to stick with the fact of unauthorised use of copyright.

The Terms of Use of 500px include your undertaking that I retain full ownership and rights in my images and any intellectual property rights and all other proprietary rights associated with my Content. I note also the words you use in big font next to those Terms: We will protect the copyright.

In unilaterally allowing anyone to pin any of my images to Pinterest, I'd dearly love to know how it is you think you have complied with your undertakings.

You have now admitted you can in fact introduce the option not to share. Rather than wasting time trying to sell me the mythical "benefits" of imposing sharing of my property, which I care nought for, why don't you Just Do It? Then we can ALL be happy. Those who have no problem with sharing and embrace it will continue to love you, and those of us who do have a problem with it will begin to respect your administration.

Debs Slater (inactive)  about 2 years ago
Hi Peter,

Thanks for voicing your concerns further on this matter. We've listened to the feedback regarding Pinterest and our developers are now working on the option not to share images. I hope you will continue to enjoy using 500px, and if there's anything else I can do for you please let me know by emailing

mel brackstone  about 2 years ago
I've never seen any pins from 500px that mentions the photographers name, not one...

The only attribution is 500px....I'd be very interested to know how many people actually click on the photos to come back to 500px. Probably only those people who are trying to get DMCA's prepared.

I've been using stats for ages, and have not found one instance of anyone coming to my work from that gaping hole in the ground. We just get lost, and pinterest reaps the benefit, not the artist.

I would like to have the option to not share photos on Pinterest, thank you!

Debs Slater (inactive)  about 2 years ago
Hi Mel,

Photos that have been shared from 500px in the past will be updated to include the photographer's name and title of the photo, it will just take some time. Due to the feedback we've had from some users, our developers are now working on allowing photographers the option not to share their photos on Pinterest.

Thanks for letting us know your concerns on this and thank you for your patience whilst we work on the matter.

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Peter Hill  about 2 years ago
You seem to be oblivious to the pending legal actions against Pinterest for their gross violations of copyright (think Napster). Ask yourself why other photography sites won't enable pinning.

Sharing is great, but only if its voluntary, not forced. You have disempowered me from sharing my images in accordance with my copyrights.

I do not recall being asked by 500px if I wanted the copyright in my images to be violated in this way. Legally, you should have installed an optional block to pinning in the meta data for my pages. Pinterest provides the code for this purpose. I request you do so.

By enabling, without exception, the pinning of every single image on 500px, you have also handed Pinterest another free source of revenue - from OUR images.

I notice you also have not disclosed whether you are providing Pinterest with hi-res copies of our images.

I am currently preparing a DMCA notice to be served on Pinterest in respect of the copyright violations so far incurred by Pinterest members in relation to my images. Pinterest has a process for this purpose because they are used to being told to remove images from their site, and they are aware of the consequences of failing to comply with a validly formatted and served DMCA notice.

I would encourage all 500px members to think beyond the touchy feelies of involuntary "sharing".

I fully expect 500px management to delete this comment, but I ask that they also think about what they have done, the consequences, and whether it might be a good idea to offer its members, ie US, the ability to disable pinning to the biggest copyright violator on the web.

500px Team
Oleg Gutsol  about 2 years ago

First of all, thanks for your in-depth comments on the issue. Let me clarify — we worked with Pinterest to enable sharing of 500px photos on their network, with attribution to the original photographer on 500px and the link to the original image. We went even further and made sure that if anybody shares any images uploaded to 500px on Pinterest, regardless if they used the button or not — the photos will still have links back to 500px.

We can introduce the option to not share photos on Pinterest, but my personal belief is that the more people see and like you photos, the more popular you will become, and we want to promote our users' photos are much as possible, to give our users the most exposure and recognition.

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Dara Pilyugina  about 2 years ago
One of my photos has more than 1000 repins, but i found it on this site with big troubles, because there was not my name under the photo. So it is not automatically, as you said:) look here
Awesome Account
Dara Pilyugina  about 2 years ago
oh, i see!:) thanks for information, Debbie!
Debs Slater (inactive)  about 2 years ago
Hi Dara :) Photos that were pinned before we partnered with Pinterest will just take a little time to be updated but in time they will show with the title and your name. Congrats on 1000 repins! :D
Andrew Leschinsky  about 2 years ago
Good stuff.
Awesome Account
Mike Olbinski  about 2 years ago
Awesome stuff guys and thanks for using my photo as an example :)
Lauretta Bickford (inactive)  about 2 years ago
It is so great to have you on pinterest. Wow what a great feature to have wonderful photo's to pin right at your finger tip's.
John Stokes (inactive)  about 2 years ago
well done guys
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Nicolas Hoizey  about 2 years ago
You could use Pinterest instead of the old and ugly LiveJournal, now… ;-)
Debs Slater (inactive)  about 2 years ago
It's in the works Nicolas :)
Awesome Account
Nicolas Hoizey  about 2 years ago
You could for example create a board for each theme, and populate it constantly. You could even add 500px users as contributors/curators… ;-)

May I suggest a first theme managed like that?

George Loch  about 2 years ago
Excellent! Embrace and move forward.
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Ann Matthew  about 2 years ago
I think this is a brilliant idea! Thank-you so much for the extra exposure. Pinterest is where I first heard of 500px so this is a natural fit. Well done!

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