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500px Hack Day

Published by Ash Furrow ยท July 20th 2012

Today was an internal Hack Day at 500px, the goal of which is to make a thing. Any thing you want, but you should have a demo at the end of the day.

Demo Time by Ash Furrow

Demo Time by Ash Furrow
Demo Time

This demo day was a huge success and a lot of fun. We saw a lot of promising ideas. Some of them were tools that will make our jobs easier, and some of them were proof-of-concepts which may become a product someday.

We'll be holding these Hack Days more regularly in the future, so stay tuned!


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Magnus Andersson  about 2 years ago
I want to have the chance to download my own pictures!! Many off us have 500px like a library, to show off pictures and i good place to place all the pictures that are very good. If i quickly need my own pictures, it would be perfect if i can login to my account and just download album or singel pictures.

If this funtions works in 500px, you getting more people using 500px.
I liked flickr because of that, but like 500px for his beauty. So please get this function on 500px.


Ali Ameer  over 1 year ago
I agree
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Ash Furrow  about 2 years ago
That's a great idea - I'll talk to our web developers about it today.
Jason Maloney  about 2 years ago
Get rid of the 'dislike' button. Or at least have the users name tied to it to lessen the trolling.
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Diana Tula  about 2 years ago
There is much discussion about the dislike button on the 500px Help page If you think your photos are trolled send Alex links to and he'll look into it.
a c  about 2 years ago
I preferred the site without the standardized photo size.
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Diana Tula  about 2 years ago
Thumbnails and photo pages always were at set size parameters. Or are you referring to other photo sizes?
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Joshua Chase  about 2 years ago
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Dietmar Sebastian .  about 2 years ago
what a joke :-(
my suggestion:
- post your party pics on facebook and
- post feature requests and your answer on it here.

I once found 500px awesome but getting more and more bored. sorry guys

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Ash Furrow  about 2 years ago
I'm really sorry you feel that way, but many users are interested to see what goes on in the 500px office. This wasn't a party, but a day to build things, which many other companies (including Facebook) routinely have.

If you have specific feature requests or suggestions, you can email

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Alex Indigo  about 2 years ago
We demand more data!
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Yuriy Dybskiy  about 2 years ago
Yes, demos list or video!
Michael Warkentin  about 2 years ago
Give us some real details! ;)
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Ash Furrow  about 2 years ago
This was only a hack day - we'd only release a highly polished product. Rest assured, some of these will find their way into 500px soon!
Fco Blanco  about 2 years ago
Yes!, please, give us something :)
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F/64  about 2 years ago

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