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Review: Cotton Carrier STRAPSHOT

Published by Alex Flint · August 7th 2012

500px's co-founder, Evgeny Tchebotarev, got to spend some time with the Cotton Carrier STRAPSHOT. These are his thoughts...


Our friends at Cotton Carrier have recently released a new product called Strapshot — a camera mount for travelling photographers. I’ve been able to put it to the test over the last few weeks on a few occasions.

STRAPSHOT Strapshot is a neat little system that attaches to your backpack straps, allowing for a quick and easy way to shoot. It will work for anyone with a backpack — perfect for travel or wedding photographers. It works best for a mix of walking or hiking and occasional shots, so if you are traveling to a new country — it would be a good addition to your gear.

A few weeks ago I travelled from Seattle to California, with a short stop in Yosemite, where I did a few hikes to waterfalls. I forgot to take my Strapshot with me, and that was the moment that I realized just how useful it was on hikes. With breathtaking views around you, packing and unpacking means losing energy, and keeping your camera on your chest can be uncomfortable from the weight. Strapshot allows you to quickly take a shot, secure the camera and move on with ease.

The neat thing about Strapshot is that is comes with a handgrip, which you can use separately. Using a regular handstrap might not be very comfortable, because of the way the system is designed.

So, if you are a photographer who takes a lot of hikes or likes to roam around the city without a neck strap pulling you down — it's a great alternative.

Win it!

Cotton Carrier’s Strapshot retails for $79, and we are giving one away. To win one for yourself, you have to be in the Greater Toronto Area and tweet “I want to win a #Strapshot from @500px!”. A winner will be chosen at random next week. Good luck and happy shooting!


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Robert Bridgens  about 2 years ago
Why Toronto Only? That sucks for 90% of the people reading this.

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