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Lightroom publisher update

Published by Diana Tula · August 16th 2012

Great news everyone, our Lightroom publisher got an update to version It's a free update with fixed bugs and compatibility with LR4.

Visit app's page and get the latest 500px publisher version for effortless photo management and more oomph. With features like two-way sync, ability to read & write comments and viewing all the stats from inside the app.


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Awesome Account
Fredrik Citronsyra  about 1 year ago
Using 1.1 - got this error:got this error: 500pxExportServiceProvider.lua:1026 attempt to index field 'photo' (a nil value)
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  about 1 year ago
Please email help@500px.com and we will help you out :)
Slava Kavsan  over 1 year ago
Using version - got this error: 500pxExportServiceProvider.lua:915 attempt to index field 'photo' (a nil value)
Freddy Berriau  over 1 year ago
Hi. I also have this error message : An internal error has occurred: 500pxExportServiceProvider.lua:962: attempt to index upvalue 'profileCollection' (a nil value).
I can't use the plugin ... too bad. That's the main reason why I subscribed a plus account.
Can you help me?
Ken Lee  over 1 year ago
I've been using the beta version of the plugin with great success. Will the new plugin 'import, the settings I already set up or do I have to create a new publish service from scratch?
500px Team
Alex Flint  over 1 year ago
Hi Ken, I'm going to email you at the address on your 500px account so we can help resolve this with you.

Support, 500px

Ken Lee  over 1 year ago
OK, I went ahead and downloaded & installed the new plugin. In Lightroom's Plugin Manager, I could see that it had disabled the older (beta) version of the plugin. Everything looked good, but when I went to upload a new photo using the Publish service, I got this error message:
"An internal error has occurred: 500pxExportServiceProvider.lua:962: attempt to index upvalue 'profileCollection' (a nil value)"
I then created a new publish service which seems to work fine but does not preserve the link between my photos on 500px and my files in Lightroom. Since all of my photos on 500px were uploaded via the beta plugin/publish service they are all sync'd with my master files in Lightroom. Using the sync feature in the new plugin is not ideal because it basically downloads a new copy of my 500px photos to Lightroom - this creates a link to the downloaded photos but breaks the link to my master files. Is there any way for me to be able to preserve the link between my master files and my photos on 500px?
Kevin Osborne  almost 2 years ago
How come i can't upload any pic's to my 5oopx account...?
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  almost 2 years ago
Hey Kevin, email help@500px with details that you are encountering when uploading photos, Alex will help you out :)
Adam Filipowicz  almost 2 years ago
Apple Aperture??
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  almost 2 years ago
There is a 3rd party plugin that was built with some aid by our developers github.com/iKenndac/500px-Aperture-Uploader
Plus Account
Celso Diniz  almost 2 years ago
Hello, it looks like we still see the bug that won't let you upload a given picture that has been deleted before but the plug-in keeps telling you that picture has been uploaded already, etc. Is that right ? Any ETA to have that bug fixed ? I simply wiped out all my pictures hoping to start fresh again with this new version for Lr4, but that issue is preventing me from uploading...
500px Team
Alex Flint  over 1 year ago
Celso, we now have a solution to this. If you'd like to try our latest beta build of the plugin, it should resolve this: http://cl.ly/0D2N2u2T1A1b Thanks!
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  almost 2 years ago
This is a limitation of LR and we are trying to find a workaround but right now it is no possible.

You have to either remove the photo from LR and import it again (which will erase any post-processing) or you can create a virtual copy of the photo and upload that (but then you will have a duplicate photo in LR).

Awesome Account
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  almost 2 years ago
Need some love for Paint.NET support, the Photographers budget software has gotten Gooder. ;-)
(Yeah I said Gooder)
Plus Account
Andrew Barrow LRPS  almost 2 years ago
Any chance of a Adobe Bridge version??
Bruce Walker  almost 2 years ago
Has it stopped flattening Lr tag space and writing all my tags back into Lr when uploading? I've cleaned up my Lr tags 3 times now only to have your plugin mess them all up again. Have stopped using plugin altogether.
Awesome Account
Larry Williamson  almost 2 years ago
Oh ya. I forgot why I stopped using this plugin before. I have to re-log in with my browser after every upload. :(
Tomas Nilsén  almost 2 years ago
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