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Catherine MacBride

Published by Diana Tula · October 14th 2012

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Today we'd like to introduce you to Catherine MacBride, photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. She merges paper craft, creativity and photography to bring children’s fantasies to life. Sorry about the copyrights, Catherine’s photos are under license with Getty Images.

Visit Catherine’s 500px page to discover more of her work, add Cath to friends or leave a note on her wall.

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Viktorija Bernotaitė  almost 2 years ago
Love it!
Awesome Account
Robert Wood  almost 2 years ago
Fantastic work! Love it!
Michi B.  almost 2 years ago
this is so wonderful and creative, i love her work, big congrats Cat!!!
Awesome Account
Armin Reimold  almost 2 years ago
Beautiful and creativ! I like those pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us.
Awesome Account
Daniela Duncan  almost 2 years ago
Beautiful selection - her work is great and so original. Congratulations, Catherine!
Tony Tu  almost 2 years ago
so warm pictures. i love them. congrats.

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