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Introducing Portfolios: Perfect way to showcase your talent

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · October 20th 2010

You might wonder what's been keeping us busy in the recent weeks. That's a good question, and we got an exciting answer for you — Portfolios. During the last week we introduced a beta-version of Portfolios — a new way to showcase your photos on 500px.

While you can create an account on 500px, follow photographers and upload your photos (which are voted and showed using magic formulas), now you can create an awesome portfolio with photo collections. There's not a thing to distract your viewers from photographs. Clean, simple, and it works perfectly on an iPhone or iPad.

Of course, there's more to come soon, including awesome layouts, customizations and features. For now, check out portfolios of our team for a glimpse — Ian Sobolev & Oleg Gutsol.

PS: The links to portfolios have been deliberately hidden during beta. You can get to portfolio management by clicking this link:, or in Settings. Good luck!

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