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Updated Feedburner

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · October 27th 2010

We are fans of Feedburner. First of all, it saves our traffic & precious server cycles. Second, it allows us instantly to see the results of our efforts to promote our RSS (and they've been great). But we always felt that Feedburner was a "child left behind" in Google. The interface hasn't been updated in a while, and service felt forgotten.

Apparently, folks at Google felt the same way, and just recently they introduced new Feedburner, completed with real-time stats and all-you-can-eat data information. Fantastic update!

So now we have much more detailed information on our feeds. And by the way, we have over 10,000 subscribers, including to this blog. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in to listen to our updates. Soon we'll have a major announcement with regards to our portfolio services. Stay tuned! :)

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500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  over 3 years ago
Awesome Account
Bernardo Iribarnegaray  almost 4 years ago
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Awesome Account
Bernardo Iribarnegaray  almost 4 years ago
Bien!!! Ahora tendremos también traductor en el blog!!! Estamos de suerte!!!!!

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