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Your Personal Photo Store

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · February 9th 2011

Sell you photographs worldwide with ease

Now you can sell your photos with ease. We have integrated a system from our friends at Fotomoto for automatic photo store management. Now every user have an opportunity to sell their photos via 500px with no upfront costs.

How to get started?

It’s easy to get started. Simply follow the link http://500px.com/settings/store (it’s not in the menu yet, but will appear in settings soon, as we continue our testing efforts) and activate the store, clicking on the button to your right. By enabling the store, you should remember that your account should contain only your photos that you have full rights to distribute and sell. You also should have all proper model releases, if you have photos of people, etc. You are fully responsible for selling photos from your account. After you have activated your store, you will get an email from Fotomoto, which you will need to create an account with them. It’s easy and it will help you set your own prices, choose which types of prints your want to sell (like postcards, canvas prints, etc.), and check your sales.

Pricing your photos

You can set your own prices. If you sell limited edition numbered series (yes, you have that option too), you can put higher prices for that. In Fotomoto you can set up all your photos according to a number of pricing profiles — “average prices”, “expensive” and others.

Commission (i.e. how much we take)

Fotomoto takes 15% commission, which includes credit card processing, support and processing of orders. 500px takes 5% for support and hosting. You are left with a nifty 80%, from which you pay the cost of print, and the buyer pays the shipping. For example, say your 8x10” photo sell for $100. Fotomoto and 500px take $15 and $5 respectively, leaving you with $80. Printing costs $2, leaving you with a nice profit of $78. The buyer is responsible for shipping.

How it works

Selling your photos is fully automated. For example, the buyer visits the site, selects the print and buys it. If you have uploaded your photo in high resolution, you will be notified that everything is fine and your print will be sold. If you uploaded a preview (say 900x600 pixels), Fotomoto will send you an email, asking you to upload bigger version, according to the order. Once you uploaded original version to Fotomoto, any future sales will be done automatically.

How to increase popularity of your photos?

To increase number of visitors to your site, and, thus, increase your sales, right after uploading a photo, consider social buttons to the right — Facebook, Twitter and Blog. Click “more sharing” to reveal options for Google Buzz, Livejournal and StumbleUpon. These services will help your photos get to the top quicker — notice how a photo with a giraffe got 45,000+ views in just one day.


When you enable the store, you can start sending free e-Cards to your friends (they will love it!). Or select to only sell downloadable copies of your works, or print postcards to send your friends overseas. These features are inexpensive, but provide tons of fun!


The store service is fully provided by Fotomoto, so your revenues, taxes, orders and support will be done on your account at their site. We are currently testing the system, so it is currently provided as is. Thanks for being with us and enjoy the ride :)

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Chris Hagle  over 2 years ago
just found this today on a google search. looks like 500px and fotomoto have parted ways, but neglected to tell any of us. http://www.pixiq.com/article/500px-print-sales
Awesome Account
Brian Joergens  over 2 years ago
Looks like there is no reported progress. Where do I go to get my awesome-bucks back from?
Awesome Account
Elissar Khalek  over 2 years ago
yes, an update would be appreciated.
John De Bord Photography  over 2 years ago
Agreed can we get an update as to what is going on? Thanks
Chris Hagle  over 2 years ago
any updates as to when the store will be available? I just followed the link above and it said the store was not yet available.
Mun Sing Loh  almost 3 years ago
I believe there is a domain option under your "portfolio".
Give it a try.
Mariflor Blaser  almost 3 years ago
Yes, I also wanted to know about buying options in portfolio view. Specially now that I have bought a domain name. How to do this? Thanks
Zvonimir Fras  almost 3 years ago
Is it possible to set buying options to portfolio view (username.500px.com and not just 500px.com/username) and how?

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