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500px + Downtown Camera

Published by Oleg Gutsol · February 16th 2011

Several days ago we quietly launched a partnership program with Downtown Camera (http://downtowncamera.com) — a photo store in downtown Toronto (just a few blocks from where I live ;). With every camera purchased in the store you will get a card with the promo code — use it to get a discount for the Awesome account at 500px. The promo limit is 2500 registrations. We have designed and printed the promo cards, but apparently the font on them was a bit too small. I could see it fine, but Stan from Downtown Camera had a bit of a trouble reading it. Lesson learned — next time the font will be bigger.

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Awesome Account
Philipp Müller  about 1 year ago
Uh cool. I went there when I was in Toronto. Great shop. I lost a screw of one of my lenses and because I didn't had time for repairs I just got an old Tokina for 5$ and used a screw of this. Those guys really thinking outside the box.

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