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Published by Oleg Gutsol · February 18th 2011

Hi friends! Yesterday we hit another small milestone — 1 million monthly visits to 500px (and approximately 7.5 million page views). Congratulations to all of us (yes, our team and our users of course!), we have done it together. My thanks to everybody in our community, everybody who writes to us, tweets about us, posts about us on Facebook, reports bugs to and helps 500px become the best photo service and the best photo community ever. Thanks for all your suggestions and comments on how we can make the site better. A huge thanks to our editors — you are the best, we could not have done it without you. The last several months were a bit hectic and a bit stressful and we were working really hard. We will continue doing so, continue working hard — there are lots of new and exciting things planned to be released in the future. So stay with us and tell you friends to join too. And since I started talking about numbers, here are some more. To date we got: portfolios: 3000+ users - 35K+ photos - 353K comments - 245K And 1.5 million votes, and 9 out of 10 are positive! Isn't that awesome :)

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Ding Tao  over 3 years ago
Best wishes, from a super beginner! ^_^
Roof Topper  over 3 years ago
only the beginning
Philipp Hilpert  over 3 years ago
love this site, and it`s layout, the only thing i am missing is a forum or some other place to communicate with other people (instant messaging?) and maybe an option to hide some features form other people, like: "activities" or the wall?

other than that, you`re good to go!

best wishes
philipp : )

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